Our Story

Allen Perumal was an avid volleyball and cricket player while growing up in Chennai, India. He continued playing both sports after settling down on Portola Way with wife Lydia Marque and sons Devin and Dylan.

But all that changed for Perumal, a freelance web and software designer, when he tore his ACL/MCL and meniscus a couple years ago.

"When I realized I could no longer participate in the sports I loved, I began looking around for alternatives," Perumal said. "And that's when I discovered Pickleball."

Pickleball, which combines elements of tennis, badminton, and ping-pong, is now the fastest growing sport in the US. Perumal started out using a cheap Pickleball paddle, but after just a month, he recognized it was compromising his game. So, he upped his paddle choice to a more expensive one, though four months later became frustrated again. "It did not hold up – it started to fray, and frankly was a boring piece of equipment."

And that's when Perumal decided to put his designing background to work. He did extensive research, began sketching, and then ordered prototypes to try out. He wanted ones that are cost efficient, durable, gave better performance, and has colorful designs.

Thus started Perumal on the path to designing a wide range of equipment for various Pickleball player levels – the pro player, the recreational player, and a smaller version for young players.

Working with a designer he knew back in India, Perumal went through more than 40 versions and six months of trial and errors, as well as lengthy testing by Pickleball players, before settling on his final designs.